Timing – Parcours

For the 42nd edition, the Sezoens rally goes back to the classics and novelties of the last three years. After SS De Hees, SS Goolder returns to the program, now that the road works on the Brogelerweg have been completed. The roads of SS Veldhoven – the classic of which half gravel – are also known. The loop after the service consists of SS Steenberg and SS Gerdingen.

The concept of three times five SS is retained for the BRC. The loop stage SS De Hees will remain the opening stage. Then it goes to SS Goolder. Via the refuelling zone in Kaulille, the participants go to SS Veldhoven, followed by a regroup after the finish of that stage. After the service in Bocholt center, SS Steenberg and SS Gerdingen are on the program, with a regroup in the Schippersstraat followed by a next service in Bocholt center. The RACB Criterium will follow from SS 1 tot SS 10. In 2018 there will be no Sezoens Regularity.
You can find the exact timing on the button on the right.



Each participant should leave in advance to the organizers know what vehicle he wants to do the reconnaissance of the special stages. The survey form can be downloaded reconnaissance form via the button. This must be completed and delivered signed the document control.

The assessments may only be made on Friday, May 18th from 8:30 am to 12h00 and from 13h00 to 19h00. A maximum of two runs per SS for BRC.


There are five service areas:

– Kerkplein: Service A1 en A2 (paying area)
– Dorpsstraat: Service B
– Schuttersstraat: Service C
– parking bibliotheek: Service D
– parking Biotechnicum: Service E

Book your service area in advance by Danny Custers
+32 (0) 476 / 03.93.55